Tales From The Crypt Dead Right Madame Vorna
Madame Vorna is the malevolent fortune teller from the episode Dead Right from the 1980's/1990's television show Tales From The Crypt.  She is portrayed by Natalia Nogulich.

In the episode, she convinces the gold digger Cathy Finch to marry Charlie Marno.  Madame Vorna never reveals that Charlie will one day violently kill Cathy.  Instead, Madame Vorna leads Cathy to believe that she will inherit a lot of money when Charlie dies.  After both Cathy and Charlie are dead, Madame Vorna is shown entertaining a new customer.  Thus, starting the cycle again of her deadly predictions.

Madame Vorna owns a dog named Trotsky. She uses second sight to make her predictions.


Shock SuspenStories Dead Right Madame Vorna

The episode Dead Right is based on the story Dead Right! from the 1950's comic book Shock SuspenStories. The episode is a near faithful adaptation of the source material. In the comic book, Madame Vorna's role in the story is congruous with her actions in the television show. There are a few minor changes (e.g., her method of predictions, Trotsky, etc.) but overall Madame Vorna in the comic book provided the basis for the television version of Madame Vorna.