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We were orphans. Little girls, all alone. Hydra gave us a home. Eight great houses. Twelve girls to a house. And in the end, the most determined... the most ambitious... the most aggressive... That girl would be the Viper. All it cost was everything. I have been married to a man I hated. I could not marry the man I loved. I betrayed him. And I was betrayed in turn. Then I was murdered. Death, welcome and well - deserved. But HYDRA, it seems, will never be done with me... To live, and die and live again.
~ Madame Viper

Madame Viper, also known as Viper or Madame Hydra, is a villainess from the Marvel comics and one of the leaders of the terrorist organization, HYDRA. She is an enemy of Captain America, Spider-Woman, and the Avengers.

Personality-wise, Madame Viper is shown to be a completely aggressive, remorseless, schizophrenic, materialistic, cantankerous, egotistical, vindictive, impatient, paranoid, sadistic, brutal, mean, greedy, violent, uncaring, murderous, sociopathic, manipulative, unmerciful, iniquitous, selfish, cruel, rude, and evil woman whose lust for power and conquest rivals that of fellow Hydra leaders Red Skull and Baron Strucker. She can and will cross any moral line in the pursuit of her goals, and became one of the most wanted criminals in the world when she horribly mutated 8,000 people in Symkaria, which earned her a death sentence from that country.

A classic nihilist, Madame Viper is also completely intolerant of failure, and every agent who has ever failed her has been executed without delay. 

For all of her capacity for cruelty though Madame Viper is also driven, determined, cunning, and ambitious, and these traits mixed with her complete lack of redeeming qualities makes her a dangerous threat indeed.

In other media


Main article: Madame Viper (X-Men Movies)

Madame Viper is the secondary antagonist in the 2013 live-action film The Wolverine. She is portrayed by Svetlana Khodchenkova.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Main article: Madame Hydra (Mavel Cinematic Universe), Aida

Madame Hydra appears in the live-action ABC TV series Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the Agents of HYDRA story arc in Season 4 as part of the "Framework" simulation. In the Framework alternate reality, she is the leader of HYDRA. She is portrayed by Mallory Jansen, who portrays Aida, seemingly as her alternate-reality counterpart.

X-Men: Evolution

Madame Hydra appears in the Season 4 episode "Target X" in the animated cartoon series X-Men: Evolution as the leader of HYDRA and the mastermind behind the creation of X-23. She is seemingly-killed by X-23 while trying to escape from her in a hovering vehicle, with the child having placed explosives all around the interior; her fate is unknown, but she is presumed deceased.



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