Madame Pom

Madame Pom

Madame Pom is a pomeranian who stayed at the Littlest Pet Shop's daycare in the episode "Eve of Destruction" of the 2012 cartoon series remake of the 1995 cartoon show Littlest Pet Shop. She is Zoe's rival. Snobby and narcissistic, she won a dog modelling show against Zoe, starting a rivalry between the two. She may act like she is flirting with the boys.


Madame Pom and Zoe once competed for a dog modelling show. Pom won, to Zoe's dismay.

When Pom arrived at the Littlest Pet Shop, she and Zoe began sniping at each other, throwing out insults and snide comments, culminating in a modelling contest. In the end, Zoe admitted that she had taken losing badly, and Pom admitted that she admired Zoe's skills.


Madame Pom generally seems nice to everyone, complimenting them if they have done well or pleased her. She is a little bit snobby however and tends to be too self focused and narcassistic. Especially when she deals with a rival, like Zoe.


Madame Pom is a tan-peach Pomeranian with a pale facial marking and creamy-pink tail, neck fur, and inner ears. She has a small amount of bright brown hair. Her eyes are deep blue-teal, matching her blue eyeshadow. Like Zoe she has a beauty mark near her lower lip, though Pom's is further away then Zoe's. She wears a neon pink-purple and blue gem necklace.

For the model-off with Zoe, Madame Pom wore a sparkling dark pink dress with her necklace, pearl clips by her ears, and dark purple straps.



  • She is voiced by Kathleen Barr.
  • Her name is mispelled as "Madam Pom" in the credits of the episode.
  • Madame Pom has a cameo at the end of the episode "Bad Hair Day".
  • her name is maybe on the pun of the name "Madame de Pompadour".