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Madame Noir is the one of the generals serving the leader of the Evil Army Shadow Line.


Intend to take over the Shadow Line, Madame Noir brought up her daughter Glitta to use her to devour Emperor Z under the farce of a wedding. Once Emperor Z arrives, Noir feigned an interest in light to win his favor despite being insulted for having a "false light". Eventually, despite Glitta's attempted fleeing once learning the truth of the wedding and Baron Nero's interference, Noir succeeds in getting Glitta to become the new leader of the Shadow Line. However, Noir learns too late that Emperor Z played on her agenda to consume Glitta and forces her to declare her loyalty to him.

However, she still demands that her daughter be released from the Emperor's grasp, only to be killed by the traitorous Emperor afterwards, while mocking him that she has not been defeated. This would enrage the Emperor as he proceeds to kill Noir for good as she disappears into the darkness, all while Z absorbs her darkness to assume his most powerful form: Z Shin.

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