We never get to see the owner of the Blue Voice, but she says that she is blue. She is very powerful and can move objects around without touching them. Her main aim is to make the whole universe ‘blue’ and in Buxton, she can see a cat that can help her achieve her goal. She offered Buxton the opportunity to be the Blue King and have the powers and privileges that go with the position. But first he would have to pass a test. The test consisted of 7 doors/rooms that Buxton had to progress through. He had to tell the Blue Voice what the door’s colour was, each was a different shade of blue. The Blue Voice told Buxton that she did not tolerate failure and that he would pay the ultimate price if he didn’t answer the questions correctly. Once in each room, Buxton was able to see what things the Blue Voice was making to help him make the world ‘blue’: 1) Making Blue Flowers 2) Dying the clothes of the world blue 3) Blue Nightmares 4) Room of the World (Blue Sky/Sea) 5) Room of thunder and lightening 6) The Guard room, where the Blue Army is made 7) The Throne Room. Luckily for Buxton he got all the answers right and was crowned the Blue King and was given the red carpet treatment and an army of blue soldiers. But Buxton is fickle and he whispered that he would imprison the Blue Voice too! The power hungry cat! Once Buxton had imprisoned most people from the surrounding area, the Blue Voice ordered Buxton to go to the moon and push forward her plans to conquer the universe. He took Blue Peter (Dougal) with him. But Dougal stopped him from claiming the moon and the rocket ship crash landed back on Earth. As mentioned earlier, the Blue Voice doesn’t tolerate failure and stripped him of the title of Blue King. She was so mad that she made lightening bolts rain down around them. The voice kept saying that ‘blue was beautiful’ and the treacle factory collapsed in on itself. That was the last time the ‘Blue Voice’ was heard of again.