Rock bad, opera good.
~ Blubbery's mantra to Yumi.

Madame Blubbery was a one time villain from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. She was Yumi's Opera teacher.


When Yumi was an infant, she had a talent to sing opera, which amazed Blubbery. Blubbery raised her until Yumi threw a tantrum and quitted. Madame Blubbery found Yumi in the arcade with Ami after hearing her opera scream. She soon hypnotized Yumi into doing opera again and, with all this, Yumi became a posh and gentle lady. Once Yumi went on stage, Ami and Kaz spotted Madame controlling Yumi as a puppet. They soon snapped the strings and Yumi was back to normal.



  • Voiced by Katie Leigh.