Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on Wu!
~ Madam Wu
Madam Wu was the (former) main antagonist in The Simpson's episode "Goo Goo Gai Pan". She is voiced by Lucy Liu.


Madam Wu seems helpful at first, when believing that Homer and Selma are married so she can order a baby. Madam Wu says that the baby will be ready in a few days. After quick interrogation, Homer reveals he is an acrobat. This comes in handy when an acrobat suffers from a "bullet related death", Madam Wu throws Homer onto the stage. Homer falls in his performance, and lands in hospital. Homer and Marge proceed to 'snuggle', behind a painting, Madam Wu is watching the two. She is outraged that Homer lied to her, and just before everyone tries to return to America, Madam Wu confronts them, and takes Ling away from Selma, heartbreaking her. Lisa comes up with an idea to pose Homer as a Buddha Statue. He is taken to the nursery, and takes Ling. Just before arriving at the airport, Madam Wu arrives in a tank, threatening to kill them if they don't hand over Ling. Selma is able to convince her that she should keep Ling, although she needs to sign a form just to talk to her, from bureaucrat to bureaucrat. Wu says that she herself had to be raised by her mother, as her father choked to death the day before the Heimlich maneuver was invented.