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Mad Saurus is a villain from Violence Jack.

The leader of Sector B, he has a transgendered S/M queen GF named Blue who is also is second in command. He doesn't seem to mind that his gang is a bunch of psycho killers who like to abuse women and has no problem kiling people. After the the city of Evil Town sunk underground, him and his gang went wild and abused the women until they found enough food and supplies for long term survival. Section A spends their spare time partying when not killing or stealing. When section A finds Violence Jack, Section A and B meet and Jack switches sides after hearing that the men of Section A are almost as bad as Section B. Then Section A and B fight but section A is defeated by section B. Section B attacks Section C and Jack beats up and chucks Saulus through a stone wall.

After Section C is abused by Section B, Jack kills Section B and chops up Blue. Mad Saurus returns for Round 2 but finds his men/GF dead. He weeps for Blue and eats her to combine their power and become a literial abomination to beat Jack. During the fight with Jack he swipes Jack's jack knife and stabs him. Violence Jack impales his knife into Mad Saurus's head and he returns to human form, and keels over dead. His love for Blue comes from the fact that she loves him despite his freakish appearance.


In the manga version, Mad Saurus's appearance appears to be heavily based off of Wez from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

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