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God's Army is the army of god. You are here because you are destined to serve him. Working with god we will build a new nation, but you must first prove your worth by enduring his training!
~ Mad Sarge to his men before training.

Mad Sarge is one of the Colonel's lackeys in Golen/God's Army. He has killed a thousand enemy soldiers in battle. He is a knife expert who can stab ten times a second and uses blood-sucking needle knives as well. In the anime, his knife is soaked with scorpion venom. In the series, he succeeds in capturing Kenshiro but that would eventually be his undoing, as Kenshiro let himself in the sergeant's net. After defeating the God's Army soldiers, Kenshiro fights Mad Sarge and survives the poisoned knife attack. The Hokuto Shinken successor then threatens to drown the sergeant unless he tells him where the Colonel is hiding. Mad responds the colonel waits in the tower. Before Mad Sarge can finish Kenshiro, he feels intense pain then his head explodes blasting his brains everywhere.

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