Minions 2
Mad Dog's Minions are villains from Courage the Cowardly Dog.


Mad Dog's Minions are the two tough dogs that work for Mad Dog and they serve as his minions that captured Bunny. They stuffed Bunny into a pot with soil. The blackish-greenish dog minion has a keen sense of smell when he sniffs when he heard Courge broke through the window. He sees Courage and is about to attack him, but Courage turns off the lights and hits the thug on the head a lot of times and the shovel is broken and the dog minion is knocked out with a lot of bumps that looked the same as Courage's. The brownish-orangeish dog came and attack Courage (although this wasn't seen), but Courage hits him on the head to and avoided arrows and bombs (this wasn't seen either). Courage stuffs the blackish-greenish dog and the brownish-orangeish dog in the pot of dirt, before Mad Dog came.