The Mad Cow is the main antagonist of the Burger King commercials.



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Burger King commercials

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The Mad Cow is a rather bitter, merciless, vituperative, and short-tempered bovine who gets easily angered at people when they apparently betray him in some way.

Burger King Mad Cow Mooing

The Mad Cow mooing angrily in the "Motel" commercial

He is also quite violent, aggressive, and obstreperous, as in the "Motel" commercial, he rammed a locked door and then knocked it down when discovering a man has betrayed him when eating a hamburger in his hotel.

Burger King Angry Cow

The Mad Cow roaring

In the "Parking" commercial, when the Mad Cow discovered another man betrayed him and was in his parked car by himself eating a hamburger. When the man turned his headlights on, the Mad Cow was standing in front of the car and roared at him. Startled, the man told the cow to calm down and that the situation just couldn't happen. Then the Mad Cow wandered off and the alerted man looked around, wondering where the cow went since he was nowhere around.
Burger King Cow Pushing Car

The Mad Cow pushing the car off of the cliff

When the man realigned his rearview mirror, the Mad Cow is standing behind the car and proceeds to ram it over the cliff in a fit of rage in a possible attempt to kill the man; all the while, the man tells the Mad Cow to stop it and that he sees he is mad (in alternate versions of the commercial, the man tells the Mad Cow that he never said he is exclusive).



  • The Mad Cow is sometimes thought to be a female.
  • People thought it was strange that the Mad Cow was angered that he was not "getting eaten". This could be a false statement.