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The Mad Bomber

The Mad Bomber is a villain from The Inspector animated series. He appears in the short story Napoleon Blown-Aparte.

A dangerous criminal who was put in jail by the Commissioner a long time ago, he blows his way out of Le Prison to torment his captor.

The Commissioner, knowing the Mad Bomber is out for revenge, recruits the Inspector to protect him from his old enemy. However, the Mad Bomber keeps finding ways to get to him, bombing the Commissioner several times.

In the end, the Inspector is able to catch the Mad Bomber (though it is never revealed how), but he lets his boss get the credit. As the Commissioner poses for the press with the captured criminal, he tells the Mad Bomber to take off his hat, which he does, revealing himself to be a bomb, which promptly goes off, leaving a stunned and charred Commissioner to be photographed by the journalists.

To punish the Inspector for his ineptitude in protecting him, the Commissioner plants a bomb in his office. After the explosion, a confused Inspector wonders whether or not they had seen the last of the Mad Bomber.