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Listen up gang! These guys are gonna put a stop to OUR party! Are we HAPPY about this?
~ Mack

Mack is a boss in Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars. He was created by Smithy, though it is not until Frogfucius says so that he is revealed to be in the Smithy Gang. He usurps the throne of the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser's Keep at the same time.

He mainly uses fire abilities and he looks like that of a giant knife. The Shysters work for him. Halfway during the battle, Mack disappeared, until the Shysters were defeated. After Mack was defeated, he was destroyed, leaving two Shysters to report to Smithy.

Like the other characters, Mack appeared in the parade during the credits, alongside Bowyer and Yaridovich, where Smithy hit them all with a hammer.

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