Even after I had developed a more human-looking body, I knew I was living the most outragoues lie imaginable. Living...Ha! I was just existing!
~ Machinesmith

Machinesmith, AKA, Samuel "Starr" Saxson, is a Marvel Comics villain and an enemy towards Captain America, Thunderbolts, and possibly Doctor Doom.


Samuel "Starr" Saxon was a master robot-maker whose ability even rivaled that of Doctor Doom. He once tried to fight Daredevil as Mister Fear but fell of the flying platform he used. His robot servants found him and loaded his mind into a computer. Saxson, able to move by creating robots which are possessed by his mind, decided to use his genius intellect for his own personal gain. He did this by offering his robots' services to any of his underworld clients. However he got sick of his "life" and tried to kill himself by using the robots, but failed. He then revived Dragon Man to lure Captain America to his base and tricked him into destroying the computer. While dying, Machinesmith apologized for his trick and told Captain America not to worry that he killed somebody.