Machinegun Kid

The Machinegun Kid was an Outer Heaven mercenary sent to stop Solid Snake during his first mission in 1995, acting as a minor antagonist in the original Metal Gear.



The Machinegun Kid was formerly an SAS (Special Air Services) commando who specialized in fully automatic firearms, giving birth to his codename. Always wielding a machinegun in his hand, the Machinegun Kid eventually stopped his soldiery in the SAS and joined Outer Heaven as a mercenary.

Metal Gear


The Machinegun Kid's in-game sprite

Once FOXHOUND rookie Solid Snake intercepted Outer Heaven to save his colleague, Gray Fox, under the command of Big Boss, he encountered the Machinegun Kid whilst exploring the corridors of the base. As the Machinegun Kid was stationed to stop anyone from passing, a battle ensued between the two troopers, but Snake came out on top and killed his rival in a firefight.

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