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What were you expecting, a monster?
~ Machine, upon being unmasked

Machine is a sadist and the secondary antagonist of the 1999 thriller 8mm, in which he is depicted as part of a large pornography ring that specializes in snuff films.

He is portrayed by Chris Bauer.


Machine was an actor in the violent pornographic films of Dino Velvet, who tasked him with raping, torturing and killing women on film. Velvet also commissioned him to kill Mary Ann Matthews in the snuff film that private investigator Tom Welles' client hires him to look into. When Welles discovers that Velvet was the mastermind behind Matthews' death, Velvet orders Machine to kidnap and kill Welles' partner, Max California, right in front of him. In the ensuing fight, Welles wounds Machine and escapes.

Shortly afterward, Welles traces Machine to his home, where he lives with his elderly mother. Machine finds him there and attacks him, but Welles gets the upper hand and unmasks him - revealing an unremarkable, bespectacled man. Machine says that his real name is George, and that his violent sexual appetites are not the result of childhood abuse; he kills people simply because he enjoys it. He then attacks Welles again, but Welles overpowers and stabs him to death.


Machine is an utterly insane, sadistic and psychopathic individual with no senses of remorse towards his countless victims. He particularly enjoys raping and murdering women, though he is willing to attack or kill anyone who get in his way.


  • Though Velvet is the main antagonist, Machine was ultimately more dangerous, sadistic and bloodthirsty than his former employer. In addition, it is him who rape and murder the women on the camera, not his boss. Therefore, some consider him to be the true antagonist.