Machete, mainly called the Machete Leader is a supporting antagonist in the 2011 film, The Raid: Redemption. He is the top enforcer of Tama Riyadi who acts as the henchmen who leads all his subordinates.

The Raid

When the film's protagonist, Rama, and his surviving team members Bowo, Jaka, Dagu and Lieutenant Wahyu were the only survivors left. Tama sent Mad Dog and Andi to round up reinformants to hunt down the survivors before ordering Machete and his trained killers to dispatch anything in their path. Machete is seen slashing all of Tama's surviving members from the explosion as well as slashing Alee, one of Rama's teammates. Machete later visited a flat where he suspected that Rama and Bowo are hiding there, having search the area and wounding Rama unknowingly, he leaves.


Moments later after invading a flat, he finds Rama and peruses him before fighting him in a combat. He wounds Rama but is eventually defeat. Before he can attack again, Rama tackles him off the room and through the window where the two fall to the ground of the stairs as Tama's reinformants attack the duo. Rama survives the fall and gunshots while Machete is killed by the fall and probably the gun shooting as well.