Machado is a traitor in The Power of Five novel Necropolis. He is a traitorous Triad agent.


Machado was employed by the Triad leader, Han Shung-Tung, the Master of the Mountain. Machado was disgruntled with the amount of profit he was making off people smuggling and other risky activities. One day he decided to just go and tell police about what he knew of the secrets of the Triad, betraying his friends.

Machado mentions he had a father who owned the same boat, and he was shot in the cabin seat, leaving Machado with the boat. He seemed to have no qualms about sitting where his father had been murdered, and it is even implied Machado may have actually killed his own father to gain his business.


Machado meets Jamie Tyler, Matthew Freeman and Richard Cole at the dock. Unlike with the Triads, Richard gives Machado their real names. Machado also announces himself, and his dockhand appears really hostile - he glares rudely at Matt and scurries down the ladder to untie the boat. Machado appears civil - he even gives them hot chocolate and he tells them about himself. He claims he likes working for the Triad and will do anything to fulfill the wishes of Han Shung-Tung and get them safely into Hong Kong.

When they are almost in the harbour, Machado finally slows the boat right down to nothing but a whimper. He claims the current will take them in, which is a downright lie. He then reveals a gun, knocks out Richard, and says he'll get a reward for the betrayal of two of the Five. Machado says that he is delivering them right into the Hong Kong police, which call them to heave to.

Machado aims to knock out Jamie and Matt, as the police want them alive, but he forgets about Jamie's telepathic and mind-control powers. Matt, in his haste, asks Jamie to "get rid" of the traitor, and, true to form, Jamie tells Machado to jump overboard. Machado does so, he drops the gun and clumsily walks out, then in his haste he trips over the boat and falls into the freezing water to his death. Even as he does so, he is gunned down by the police, who suspect he is walking out on them, making his death a certainty.


Machado was very sociopathic, and, unlike many Asians, he had no respect for the dead. This suggests he killed his own father to take up his business. All he cared about was fame, respect from the Old Ones, and vast wealth - so much so he valued wealth over human life.