Mac McGrath

Mac McGrath

No, sir. You're a disgrace.
~ Mac McGrath's famous quote.

Mac McGrath is the secondary antagonist in the 2002 film Mr. Deeds.

He was portrayed by Jared Harris.


Mac is the head of a tabloid station called Inside Access and immediately conspires to slander Longfellow Deeds of Mandrake Falls, New Hampshire when he arrives in New York.

He spins Deeds' heroic and selfless actions to appear villainous, such as when he saves a woman named Carrieta Keyley and her beloved cats from a burning building.  He also originally assigns a reporter named Babe Bennett to spy on Deeds by pretending to date him, but she ends up genuinely falling in love with him.

Later, he conspires with Chuck Cedar, the CEO of Blake Media, to seize control of the company from Deeds.