Maashiima is the 7th disciple of the Noah Family and represents the memory of the "Pity" of Noah.


Maashiima, the pity of Noah


Maashiima is a large Noah that is always seen wearing sunglasses, and has dark spikey hair, that resembles Road's hair style. He like all Noahs, has the seven cross-shaped stigmata on his forehead.


Maashiima has not been seen speaking much yet, but has been shown giving off a vaguely mocking aura.


Nothing is known about Maashiima's past, but is seem that like the rest of the Noahs (expect for Road, and the Earl) he too was killed by the 14th. He was first seen greeting Wisely with the rest of the Noah Family, at his awakening of becaming a Noah.

Third Exorcists Arc Maashiima appears with Tyki Mikk and Sheril Kamelot to challenge Allen Walker, Tokusa, and the group. When the Exorcists are backed into a cave, the Noah break into the cave, with Maashiima challenging Madarao and eventually defeating him. Maashiima was then seen standing in the middle of a plateaued desert, presumably keeping an eye on Madarao as the Third transformed while being taken over by the hatred in Alma's cells within his body


Like all Noahs, Mercym too has absolute command over all the Akuma, as well as destroying Innocence by simply touching it. All of his abilities, like other Noah, are based on Dark Matter. As a Noah, he is immune to the Akuma blood virus, which is normally fatal to the human's touch