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Maash is a DC comics supervillain primarily associated with their Green Lantern franchise, he is one of the Sinestro Corps and as such as a character that believes fear should be used to enforce strict totalitarian rule upon the universe, in opposition to the Green Lantern Corps, who believe in using will to safeguard the universe.

Maash himself is a fairly tragic character despite being a villain, originally triplets he would undergo a mutation within the womb and was born a fused being, two of the triplets were horrific criminals by nature while the third triplet was sane but unable to do anything as his psychotic brothers had control over his body.

Thus Maash became a Sinestro Corps member as the two psychotic twins used the Corps as an excuse to act out their violent tendencies and the third, innocent triplet was forced to watch in terror at the actions of his brothers, unable to stop them but being fully aware of the crimes they committed.

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