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Maaga was the leader of a group of Drahvins in the Doctor Who serial, Galaxy 4.

Maaga and her group crashed on an unknown planet along with another ship piloted by creatures called Rills whom they had just attacked. On the planet, Maaga killed one of the other Drahvins to convince the others that the Rills had killed her. The planet they had landed on was in its last moments of life.

Maaga's plan was to wait until the Rills had finished repairing their spaceship so that she and her soldiers could steal their ship to escape the planet before it disintegrates. When the Doctor and his friends arrived, Maaga forced them into helping her escape the planet.

However, the Rills escaped in their ship and the Doctor and his friends escaped in their ship, the TARDIS. Maaga and her soldiers died when the planet disintegrated.

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