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Ma-ti (tgwtg)


Ma-Ti is one of the main characters in That Guy with the Glasses until his death in Suburban Knights. However he returns as the true main antagonist in To Boldly Flee, the fourth special for


Ma-Ti was a recurring character who first appeared in The Nostalgia Critic's review of Captain Planet. He may or may not be one of the Planeteers from the show. It has been implied that perhaps he was a crazy person of Indian descent. He was treated with contempt by the That Guy With the Glasses and often ran pointless errands for the Critic. In the third anniversary special, Suburban Knights, he was killed in his fight with Malachite when it was discovered that his power ring of heart could counteract Malachite's spell. He is then cremated and put into an oatmeal can. However, in To Boldly Flee, despite saying he was the Critic's friend before he died, he wanted to destroy the Nostalgia Critic's universe as revenge for being mistreated. His character lived on, and he was sucked into the Plot Hole, a giant wormhole. He also takes possession of Spoony's body. He also sends the Critic to Doug Walker's universe in hopes that he would exit the house and by doing so destroy the Awesomeverse. He later becomes enraged when he discovers that the Nostalgia Critic chooses to stay in his universe and save his friends. Ma-Ti later becomes good again when the Critic talks to him about how he saved the world in the previous special, and reassures to him that he is useful. Ma-Ti then leaves in peace. However, once he leaves, the Plot Hole needed someone to stabilize it, so the Critic sacrifices himself and fuses with the Plot Hole and becomes the universe. Ma-Ti was portrayed by Bhargav Dronamraju in his appearances up to "Suburban Knights" and voiced by "Rob Walker in "To Boldly Flee" as Bhargav left the company (although a deleted scene of "Suburban Knights" with Bhargav was used in To Boldly Flee).


  • Although the Executor is the main antagonist of the film, Ma-Ti is the true villain because he had bigger plans than even the Executor (Ma-Ti wanted to destroy the entire universe).

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