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The Ma-Ma Clan are the antagonists of the comic book film Dredd. They are a criminal organization led by it's namesake Ma-Ma, many of it's members are addicted to the drug known as Slo-Mo, which they also are sole distributors of.

The Ma-Ma clan controls the Peach Trees block. Having wiped out the other three main gangs in the area, the clan have undisputed control over the building by the time the events of the film take place, with their turf stretching all the way from the 200th to the ground level. Aside from being their home territory, Peach Trees doubles as the manufacturing facility for their narcotics, with the clans signature drug: Slo-Mo being produced on the premises.

They are heavily armed, with many members being equipped with fully automatic firearms, in addition the clan possess at least 3 functional vulcan cannons with enough incendiary ammunition to demolish an entire block level. This amount of hardware in addition to their willingness to commit appaulling acts of violence to protect their territory makes them a highly dangerous group of criminal individuals.

As an initiation rite each new member of the clan is inked with the symbol of a bloody heart stabbed by 2 daggers with the name "Ma-Ma" on it, usually on the side of their necks, marking them as property of the clan for life. The clan is comprised almost entirely of men, with Ma-Ma: The clans' leader and namesake "mother" being it's only confirmed female member.

The clan is dissolved after Ma-Ma dies. And with the collapse of the clan the future of Peach Tree Block seems slightly bright... Until another gang rises up and makes it bid to take over.


  • Ma-Ma: Namesake founder and leader of the Ma-Ma Clan.
  • Caleb: Ma-Ma's main enforcer .
  • Big Joe: Enforcer.
  • Kay: Mid-level enforcer and Slow-Mo dealer.
  • Japhet: Low-level enforcer.