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The M Space Hunter Nebula Aliens, commonly just called the Nebulans, are a race of sapient insectoid alien invaders that appear in the films Godzilla vs. Gigan and Godzilla vs. Megalon.


According to the Chairman and Kubota, the Nebulans hail from a distant planet very similar to Earth located in the M Space Hunter Nebula. It was inhabited by a technologically advanced race similar to humans for centuries, but eventually this race went extinct from a combination of pollution and war. The Nebulans were a species of insect similar to cockroaches, and one of few species on the planet to survive this apocalypse. The Nebulans evolved to become the dominant species on the planet, and they gradually began to adopt and understand the technology left behind from the humanoid race. With their homeworld continuing to die because of the previous dominant race's actions, the Nebulans sent an invasion force to the planet Earth, hoping to conquer it and begin a new life for their species.

In order to blend in with human society, the Nebulans kill humans and use their bodies to construct false projections which make them appear to be humans. The Nebulans use an organization called the World Children's Land Fund as a cover for their invasion.


Godzilla vs. Gigan

The Nebulans arrived on Earth sometime prior to 1972, and established an organization called the World Children's Land Fund, which aimed to build a monster-themed amusement park in Tokyo in order to supposedly educate children about peace. Despite basing their park on monsters, the organization claimed that giant monsters were "enemies of peace," and planned to use the money earned by the organization to exterminate all of the monsters living on Monster Island. The two individuals in charge of the invasion took the human disguises of a young man named Fumio and his teacher Kubota. Fumio acted as the "Chairman" of World Children's Land, while Kubota was his assistant. To further disguise their invasion, they hired a manga artist named Gengo Kotaka to design the monsters for their park. Fumio and Kubota believed Kotaka to be a bumbling idiot who could work inside their base and be none the wiser as to their plans.

The Nebulans used special tapes called "action tapes" to relay orders to the monsters Gigan and King Ghidorah, who were pawns in their invasion plan. A young woman named Machiko Shima, whose brother Takashi had worked for World Children's Land and disappeared, grew suspicious of the organization and stole one of the action tapes. Machiko and her friend Shosaku confronted Gengo and told him they suspected that World Children's Land had a more sinister purpose. They played the action tape, but were unable to understand it. Godzilla and Anguirus, on the other hand, heard and understood the tape, anticipating that the Nebulans were going to use monsters to attack the Earth. With Godzilla and Anguirus already aware of their plan, the Nebulans began preparing for the final invasion. They summoned Gigan and King Ghidorah to Earth, and unleashed them in Tokyo. Godzilla and Anguirus confronted the space monsters and battled them, while Gengo, his girlfriend Tomoko, Machiko, and Shosaku infiltrated the Nebulans' base and rescued Takashi, who was being held prisoner. After a confrontation with Kubota and the Chairman, who revealed who they actually were, the group escaped World Children's Land and contacted the Self-Defense Forces.

The Nebulans' plans grew more and more successful, as Gigan and King Ghidorah gained the upper hand over Godzilla and Anguirus. The Self-Defense Forces placed explosives in the elevator leading to the Nebulans' base in the Godzilla Tower, and Gengo placed a drawing of him and his allies in front of the explosives. When the elevator reached the top of the tower, Kubota ordered his men to shoot to kill as soon as the doors opened. When the elevator opened, the Nebulans opened fire, detonating the explosives and destroying the Nebulans' base. As Kubota and the Chairman lie buried under rubble, they reverted to their true forms and asked what possibly could have gone wrong. Godzilla noticed the top of the Godzilla Tower had exploded, and immediately destroyed the rest of the building, killing the Nebulan invaders and severing their control over Gigan and King Ghidorah.

Godzilla vs. Megalon

The next year, the people of Seatopia launched an invasion of the surface world with their monster Megalon. The Seatopians contacted the Nebulans and asked for assistance from their monster Gigan, and the Nebulans agreed.

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