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MZMA is the second ofthe Seven Apostles. He is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita.


MZMA has the appearance of a young man with short deep crimson hair. His outfit consists of bright red clothes that look like a trenchcoat, and a pair of gauntlets and boots with asymmetrical features. On his left eye is an ornament in the shape of a spine.

His ability is to manipulate flame, and his weapon is a gigantic double-edged sword with a sawtooth-shaped blade. The sword's tip can be opened at will and turns the sword into a beam cannon.

Manga appearance

He seems to have a much more ruthless and insidious nature compared to the game, and he likes to recount an opera called "The Magic Flute" often. In preparation for the sniper, his right eye bulges out slightly and seems to contain the pattern of some sort of telescope.

Contrary to the game, instead of fighting BRS directly, he prefers to shoot down BRS and Rothcol from a long distance, and is prepared to until he is stopped by SZZU.

Battle Skills

  • Backdraft - Boosts his Attack stats.
  • Big Snipe - MZMA charges his sword as a beam cannon and fires at his enemy.
  • Mad Strike - MZMA prepares himself to strike and travels at a great speed, striking his opponent from out of nowhere.


  • MZMA bears a slight resemblance to the fan made Vocaloid, Akaito.
  • His name (Mazuma) is the slang term for "money" in Yiddish.
  • According to his character episode, Mazuma likes westerns.
  • MZMA shares his voice actor with That Man from Guilty Gear series.



PSP B★RS THE GAME 13 BOSS Battle "MZMA" (HQ)09:20



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