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MC Pee Pants is a recurring antagonist from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He was an eight-foot rapping spider with a diaper on him. He was later killed and became an ally of Satan.

He was voiced by MC Chris.



MC Pee Pants was born as a giant spider and created by Dr. Weird. He made a song called "I Want Candy" which had revealed his true plans: To use a giant drill straight to Hell and unleash demons so he can fix his pyramid schemes. His address is 612 Wharf Avenue. The Aqua Teens confronted him and persuaded him to be normal. However, Frylock tricked Pee Pants into dying at a Pizza Place with a bomb inside.

To Hell

Since Pee Pants was a Satanist, he was sent to Hell and became tortured by Satan, who would later make him an immortal demon with different forms every time he is ready to destroy the Aqua Teens.

Sir Loin

Pee Pants re-emerged as a rapping cow named Sir Loin who wanted to break into the bank. He was sent into a slaughterhouse to go back to Hell.

A Worm

Pee Pants was resurrected yet again as a worm who made a terrible idea for joining with the other villains including Ignignokt & Err. He was sent to Hell for his third time.

Little Brittle

Pee Pants was now an elderly man who wanted to become an immortal vampire. He was a vampire but failed.

The Fly Form

Pee Pants was reborn one last time as a fly to give the Aqua Teens a chance to destroy the Insanoflex. As he rapped mid-verse, he was finally dead as Master Shake swatted him.


  • "I'm a giant spider, wearing a disposable diaper! I'm insane, man!"


  • Both Pee Pants and Dr. Wongburger are two different ATHF villains that have different forms.