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The M.O.R.G.U.L

The Multiple Organism Unit Link, shortened to M.O.R.G.U.L, is the main villain and final boss of Turrican. M.O.R.G.U.L is an AI controlled ecosystem generator, created by mankind to shape the man-made space colony of Alterra into an inhabitable land. However, an earthquake struck the colony, severing all interface functions and making M.O.R.G.U.L self-conscious. M.O.R.G.U.L goes berserk, starting a murderous rampage against humans. The few survivors left Alterra, leaving M.O.R.G.U.L to reshape Alterra into it's own purposes, creating various hostile lifeforms.

Ages later, mankind decided to return to Alterra and reclaim it from M.O.R.G.U.L's clutches. For this, it was developed a special bio-engineered power suit baptized Turrican, which was given to an unnamed soldier, who was then sent to Alterra with the mission of exploring the land and destroy M.O.R.G.U.L. The Turrican soldier succesfully navigates through the maze-like structures of Alterra, facing and destroying M.O.R.G.U.L on his tower fortress, which explodes after his destruction.

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