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Mōryō was the main antagonist of the first Naruto Shippuden movie.

In the movie, Mōryō had attempted to take over the world using his Ghost Army many years ago, but was sealed away by a high priestess. Many years later, a man by the name of Yomi attemped to bring Mōryō back from the dead by unsealing and reuniting his body and soul. Mōryō ended up possessing Yomi to complete this mission and released his Ghost Army once again.

When he reached the Land of Swamps where his body was sealed, he left Yomi and was reunited with his body. Upon being free, he fought and defeated Naruto Uzumaki and attempted to absorb Shion into his own body. However, before the absorption process could be complete Naruto grabbed Shion and the two killed Mōryō using an Ultra Chakra Rasengan.

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