300px-Ancestress - Lysslis

Lysslis is one of the Ancestral Witches who destroyed Domino and killed Daphne. She is the ancestress of Darcy and has the power of the eternal darkness like her descendant.


She wears a violet dress and a blue cape, a dark purple mask and light yellow eyes with long wavy silver hair.


Season 1

Lysslis, along with Belladona and Tharma were mentioned as the Dark Forces which destroyed Domino whenFaragonda tells Bloom about the Great Dragon. The Ancestral Witches made their first physical appearance inBloom's Dark Secret, when Lysslis and the other two witches were formed in a false vision made by the Trix to scare Bloom.

Season 3

Lysslis and her sisters tell Bloom the truth about her parents.