A faded flower never blooms again... It's the same to for men, birds and insects; even the shining stars. Life.... this only lasts for a time. I, who wanted bring someone back from the dead, I was an error
~ Orphée about his repentance

Lyra Orphée was a Silver saint of a unknown era. He caused fear even in the gold saints, and his Lyra was played to entertain the 12 gold saints and the pope. He is one of a few villains that never did anything wrong to nobody. He had only been a villain becausesupport Hades ideology.

Orphée and Eurydice Edit

Orphée had a girlfriend named Eurydice. They had a happy life, until Eurydice death.... she was bitten by a snake and in that epoch, was lethal; Eurydice dead as a teenager girl. However, unlike a normal guy, Orphée never accept Eurydice death, and gets the Eighth sense to go to Meikai and ask to Hades revives Eurydice. The Lyre of Orphée impressed Hades, and Pandora says he allows Orpheu get out of with Eurydice of Meikai, but he must no see to backwards (in the future, Hades attitude will make Orphée trust in his piety, and in the future, he was cheated and thought Hades was piety and did the maximum for him, but he fails in the mission). Pandora wished Orphée also stay in the Meikai, in Hades listen his Lyra with the 3 Kyotos, so, she ordered Pharaoh uses her mirror to does Orphée see to backwards, and when he sees, see Eurydice body converted into stone. So, he stayed in the Meikai and because this, thought Hades is not so evil like Athena said, and he wants to create a new and better world.

In the anime, Pharaoh gets envy of Orpheé because he gets his office of play sing to Hades.

Seiya and Shun Edit

Orphée avoids killing Seiya and Shun because he has a bit of compassion to Athena Saints, because he still is one of them. But, after a conversation with Seiya (the first Athena saint, he finds in the Meikai, so, now Seiya will put Orphée wise), Orphée suspects about Hades gods, and because this, about Pharaoh friendship. When he know about Pharaoh and Pandora scheme, Orpheu avenges on Pharaoh and after kill him, decides serves Athena, and leave Eurydice; now, he accepts the death of a comrade normally.

Skills Edit

Orphée don't uses special attacks to attack the enemy; he uses special melodies. Each melody can attack the enemy with different results. He has a melody that the strings can shatter the enemy, a melody that launches a cosmic ray in the enemy, and other attack can do the enemy sleep. All the deadly melodies of Orphée are based on the G note.