Lynette Guycott is a minor villain in the comic series Scott Pilgrim, and it's movie adaptation/game Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. She is the drummer for the band "The Clash at Demonhead", and Todd Ingram's secret crush.

She is portrayed by British actress and drummer Tennessee Thomas in her brief movie appearance.


Comics and movie

Lynette's backstory is unknown, but at some point after Envy Adams broke up with Scott and Todd Ingram broke up with Ramona Flowers, the trio formed the band "Clash at Demonhead" and eventually became a big hit. Todd also began to date Envy at the time, but Lynette had plans to make him date her instead of Envy, seducing him until he became fully attracted. After defeating Lucas Lee, Scott and his band, the "Sex Bob-omb", were called by Envy to make an opening show for their band. They are called into the backstage so Envy can begin flaunting her fame. However, Knives freaks out in the middle of the conversation when she discovers Envy and Scott's past relationship, causing Lynette to punch her hard enough to literally take the highlights out of her hair, revealing her bionic arm, to everyone's surprise. Also, Envy finally discovers Todd's betrayal when he leaves the restroom with Lynette's panties on his head. Envy flies into a rage and tries to kill Lynette with Ramona's hammer, but only manages to take out her bionic arm as Lynette teleports away, never to be seen or heard again.

Lynette Guycott (movie)

Lynette in the movie adaptation.

Lynette makes a brief cameo in the movie when Envy is singing and at the backstage scene. As the cheating never happened, nothing happens between her, Envy, or even Todd, and she is only a background character. She isn't seen again when Todd is defeated.

Video game

Lynette is a sub-boss along with Envy in World 3. Her attacks are all made with her bionic arm and some evasive maneuvers. When in critical health, she and Envy will fight each other until both are defeated.

Personality and powers

Lynette is quiet and discreet, not making much of an impression during her appearances and (as described in the comics) constantly blending into the scenery. Her abilities are all based on attacks with her bionic arm and teleportation.


  • Her appearance slightly resembles that of English singer Ozzy Osbourne.

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