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Luze witch is also know as Eesa is a minor  protagonist  later truned minor antagonist of  Arc Rise Fantasia and is know to people as a god or goddess seeing how she is a she in the game her main goal is to have the child of eesa choose between Real or  Imaginal laws she was force to do this because it the only way to save as many people as she can from the miasma a poison that was killing a life in the world the ones she could not save she did something that made them immune to poison the ones that would die had no choice but to fall a sleep.

the only time she acts as a villain is in the final boss fight were L'Arc Bright Lagoon the main character choice his own Law for the world Eesa afraid of dieing attack the group and tryed to kill them but in the end after seeing the future she lets herself dies  and put the new law of the world in the hope of the future will be better and more peaceful and send L'Arc Bright Lagoon and and in a way Ryfia 500 years into the future so that they can see the new future that they help made.

In Luze past she was  created by Allul back then She was only a rock. But after a while, Luze had a part of the Singing Stone and eventually became nearly human she was then called a god by the people but after some years King Meridia a king

that was trying to take over the world called her a fake god  and when as far as to  

crush  the skywalks in to the Earth in an attempt to kill her but he ended up poisoning the world. 

Luze powers in battle are   fire magic like fire ball and Inferno she also have  Dispel Magic   She  has a Excel Act called "Blue Wave" which deals little damage when it doesn't do Critical Hits but can Silence the target. Her strongest attack attacks all of your characters and will deal great damage if you do not defend.

she can also cos Satus Effects on the main characters  She is resistance to all elements and has no weakness.   she can also   summon  rogress in the battle at times