"Lunkhead" was one of the Arkham Asylum inmates featured in the limited series "Arkham Asylum: Living Hell." Lunkhead was clearly stupid, but exhibited massive strength; he made an enemy of Arnold Wesker (The Ventriloquist) when he smashed Wesker's companion "Scarface." He was sacrificed to the devil by a pack of Demons, along with many others, when the Ventriloquist threw his voice to make it seem as though Lunkhead was volunteering to be thrown into the fiery pit with the rest of the damned.

Beware The Batman

Lunkhead (Beware the Batman)

In "Secrets", Lunkhead was packing some boxes into the back of a truck when Lt. James Gordon interrupted him. Lunkhead initially resisted, throwing the boxes at Gordon, stating that he didn't want to go back to prison. Gordon bribed Lunkhead with candy and found out Magpie's real identity.

In "Attraction", he was carrying a car which he thinks is his toy. After being put in his cell at Blackgate Prison, he was tricked by Magpie in letting her escape.