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Lunatica Alice
Lunatica Malice, referred to as Luna in eXceed 2nd, is the Stage 2 boss of eXceed - Gun Bullet Children. She is a vampire who can steal the life force of others to grow stronger.


Lunatica possesses the ability to increase her power by stealing life force from others. She may look and act like a child, but, in fact, Lunatica is actually several hundred years old.

Lunatica is quick to obey orders and not only doesn't hesitate to massacre her targets, but shows no mercy either, all in keeping with her simple, young age.


eXceed 2nd

Lunatica is briefly mentioned by Ria at the beginning of Stage 1, with her being jealous of Lunatica's competence in combat. Ria calls Lunatica "Luna".

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