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Luna Game (also known as "The End Is Neigh") is a meme-status prank-game and urban legend centred around a fusion of the My Little Pony franchise and the Zalgo phenomena.

The Luna Game is designed to scare and disturb its victims much like the equally infamous Scary Maze Game prank but has developed a ghost story around it due to the Zalgo influences, which depict a picure of a grotesquely sinister Pinkie Pie or an insane Apple Bloom (possibly inspired by the Pinkamena phenomena).

The Luna Game was banned from Equestria Daily after the site found out what it contained but many sequels have since cropped up - due to its shock content it is sometimes used by trolls and the original version had a tendency to freeze the computer screens of its victims (though it switched itself of manually after 30 seconds or so).

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