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Profile f gif2

Luna with her stuffed Kuriboh.

Slaughter him!
~ Luna demands to her brother.

Luna (Ruka in the Japanese version) is part-sinister, part-insane 11 year old villain in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga. She was a Turbo Duelist Eliminator hired by Rex Goodwin in the D1GP (a tournament organized by Goodwin). Her twin brother, Leo (Rua in the Japanese version) was also a villain and an Eliminator, who shared a Duel Runner with Luna. They always Tag-Team dueled against one opponent, though Leo was mostly the one making the moves, sometimes borrowing his sister’s cards. This because of Luna’s fragile health.

Personality and Appearance

Luna in the Manga has a sinister and desolate persona, remaining silent most of the time. She mostly remains looking down, carrying her Kuribon stuffed toy with her and her hood is always covering her face. Despite that gives her the appearance of a small shy girl, she's is not. Like her sibling, she has some insane tendencies, though she keeps them hidden. This is proven because beneath her dark silence, she possesses a terryfing anger. For example, during their Duel with Yusei, he accidentally cuts her hood, exposing her face. She then tells Leo to slaughter Yusei, for that.

Despite her creepy nature, she is not especially entertained by torturing her opponents (unlike her sibling). Along with this, she likes cute animals/duel monsters and is a duelling prodigy, often assisting Leo in the Turbo Duels. She mostly talks to Leo, oftenly teasing him. This may be a way to show her sisterly feeling for him, for it was Leo who dueled to pay for her medicine.

Like her brother, she had a hard childhood, which was the ma

Look gif

Luna's eyes don't carry the light her anime counterpart's do.

in cause of her personality and evil ways. The fact that she is 'shy' must have come from the time she spent sick, knowing that Leo was dueling tiredlessly to pay for her treatment. The fact that she knew she might not survive the sickness developped her a closed mind, never showing the light her anime counterpart reveals. Despite been twins, Luna and her brother have different personalities. Though, like her sibling, her eyes are 'empty', showing signs of a bit of insanity.

Apart Luna’s hood, her outfit and physical appearance are similar to his anime counterpart, except for her eyes.


Before D1GP (life before villainy)

Picky gif

Luna and her brother before they were abandoned by their parents.

At the age of nine, Leo and Luna were abandoned by their parents. With Luna seriously sick and alone in New Domino City, life was harsh for both of them. The medicines needed for Luna were very expensive and the best way for them to pay for the treatment and gained profit to get by was to enter in Underground Turbo Duels. In the first duels, Luna had to stay in an old, cheap apartment the twins were living, until Leo gained enough to pay for the treatment. However, it wasn't fast enough: Leo was a skilled duelist, but he needed help. Luna insisted to help him and he finally gave in. The siblings made a tag-team, facing every opponent together. One year of great profits past and Luna was tottaly recovered and the twins moved to a better house: a new apartment in a more weatlthy part of New Domino City.

Until they were defeated by someone unknown. That defeat affected Luna, making her fall ill again, but in a much worse condition. This time, her dueling could cost her life, so Leo had to do everything alone. Luna had to stay everyday at home, while Leo dueled alone (again). Luna remaining countless days and nights in bed, knowing her brother was dueling himself to death and she might not survive this disease made her been haunted by fear. Fear which accelarated the sickness and didn't allow her a moment of joy.

One day, Leo returned home pretty beaten up. Some thughs who bet on him ambushed him after the duel and beat him up. However, her brother had good news: a man named Lazar offered money to pay for Luna's treament and a Dragon card. In exchange, Leo would work as a Turbo Duel Eliminator for Rex Goodwin, in the D1GP. Luna began to recover, but she couldn't duel yet. Leo began his new job alone, but managed to do it just fine.

Unfortunately, by the time Luna was fully recovered, the angsty she had passed made completley uncapable of smilling. She adopted her creepy personality thanks to her time sick. Believing that life was but sickness and joyless fear, Luna never smiled again. Before she rejoined her brother in Duels, Lazar gives her a Dragon Card, the Ancient Fairy Dragon.

During D1GP

"So weak...what a broing man...just like Leo." - Luna teases Leo after they defeated Aria.

Runner f gif

Luna riding with her brother on their Duel Runner

During the duels, the opponents didn't know which twin was creepier: the wild and sadistic Leo or the silent and dark Luna. Usually Luna lend her cards to her brother. Though whenever she made a move was to summon her Dragon. Since Leo dueled for revenge, he enjoied smashing his opponents mercilessly. Watching her brother beating them like that, her beliefs about the joyless of life increased.

Despite that, she still holds love for her brother. Though she never smiles, Luna oftenly teases Leo, trying show that she cares about him. Leo is probalby the only person she cares about, despite she never admited that.

First Appearance

"Looks like the Turbo Duels in D1GP aren't that impressive! Hum, Luna?" - Leo asks.

"That's right...just like your height, Leo." - Luna replies.

Luna makes her first appearance (along with Leo), riding on the Duel Runner, in Ride 22:
Dragon f gif

Luna's Ancient Fairy Dragon

Duel Dragons!! of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga, dueling Aria. She just watches emotionlessly as Leo defeats Aria with their two Dragons. Usually she made teasing comments such as 'So weak...what a borring Leo'. She didn't even flinch when Leo's Dragon almost killed two members of the public. Crow Hogan berated her and Leo for hurting people, irresponsibly. Luna completely ingores everybody, keeping silence except when talking to/about Leo. The twins intended to meet up with Yusei and telling 'he was their next prey'.

When Goodwin makes an announcement to the public and Duelists, he reveals that Luna and her brother are his Elite Eliminators.

Leo and Luna VS. Yusei

"He can feel the dark miasma? He might also be..." - Luna wonders about Yusei's identity.

Later, in Ride 23: Twin Duelists!! Luna and Leo found Yusei, in the middle of the night, to challenge him to a Turbo Duel. While Yusei asks Leo if he's related to the Duel Dragons, Luna feels a dark miasma that only the masters of the Duel Dragons can feel. It is then the twins learn Yusei has a Duel Dragon, just like they have. Yusei ultimately accepts the challenge. At first, Luna claims she isn't going to help Leo on this one, because he pulled the challenge himself. But she's just messing with her brother.

As the Turbo Duel begins, Luna comments how Leo uses her monsters, like when he 'uses them like they were his own' or that he 'made them un-cute'. It's in Ride 24: Equipment VS Equipment that Yusei accidentally cuts the side of her hood with his "Seven Sword Warrior" to which she tells Leo to 'slaughter him'.

Leo has the upper hand by filling his field with Luna's Forest Monsters and calling out his Dragon, powering it up to 4800 ATK. However, in Ride 25: Hearts Overlaped Yusei managed to win in his last draw, with a "Synchro Nova" and powered up "Gravity Warrior". Luna and an angry Leo took off after that.


It's unknown how Luna reacted to the outcome of their duel against Yusei. The only this known is that she didn't fell ill, again. Luna and her sibling might have appeared again, after the duel. However, it's unknown when and where. She remained a villain until the end of the Manga.