Luna is the secondary antagonist from the game Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters who worked with Emperor Otto Destruct.

She first appeared taking pictures of Ratchet on the beach. She said she was doing a project about heroism. After getting him to fight some robots she was "kidnapped". After Ratchet and Clank saved her she finnaly introduced herself. Then she suddenly zapped Ratchet and Clank, knocking them out.

Then Ratchet's DNA was extracted to make an evil clone army of him. Afterward, Luna was revealed to be an evil robot. She flew away with built-in rockets and Ratchet and Clank followed her. After they found her she repeatedly attempted to kill them. After the first few attempts, she used a jet equipped with several weapons. After Ratchet jumped onto a large platform, she shot the side of the platform and large rocks fell onto the top. When she was defeated, Clank tried to get coordinates from her data, but the security electicuted him and Ratchet had to get it himself.

She appeared in Ratchet's dream, but she disappeared when he went towards her.