Lulu Yurigasaki Human Form

Lulu Yurigasaki (百合ヶ咲 るる, Yurigasaki Lulu) is a bear who, along with Ginko Yurishiro, has infiltrated human civilization.


Lulu Yurigasaki has reddish-brown hair, styled into two twintails and teal eyes. She wears a green variant of the school's uniform and white boots. In her partial human-bear form, she wears an outfit similar to a maid's, along with bear paws and bear feet. As a bear, Lulu is brown and wears a green and white headpiece and bib.


She is very affectionate towards Ginko Yurishiro. Another bear who transferred in alongside Ginko. She was once the princess of a kingdom of bears, but after her jealousy drove her little brother to his death, she decided to help Ginko fulfill her quest for the promised kiss. She is killed by the Invisible Storm while defending Ginko.


Human Form

In Lulu Yurigasaki's human form,she wears the typical school uniform of a female Arashigaoka Academy student. Just like Ginko Yurishiro, her uniform is uniquely modified to make her standout as one of the main characters. Unlike the traditional sailor blue colour and white theme which all of the academy student wears, hers are themed green (with the traditional white).

Bear Form