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Luke Valentine, with his brother Jan, is a vampire and minor antagonist in the beginning of the Hellsing series.


Luke likes to fancy himself as the one who will bring about Alucard's demise, believing that because of his relatively advanced powers that he was destined to surpass Alucard in every way. He believes that he has more than Alucard's powers at his own disposal, and believes Alucard to be just another artificial vampire like himself. He soon finds that this is far from the truth, being soundly beaten by Alucard, who pleads with Luke to call upon more powerful vampiric abilites (having already been impressed by Luke's speed and reflexes) but is disappointed to find Luke can't even heal his severed legs. After calling Alucard a "monster", and saying he is nothing more than a "dog" of the church, Luke is devoured by Alucard's hellhound. Alucard quips that in life (as a vampire), Luke was useless and pathetic, and now (if Alucard is a dog) he is simply "dog food." Later durring Alucard's final battle with Walter, Alucard summones Luke as a familar. Walter uses his wires to sever Alucard's arms and legs, to cut his torso in half, and to suspend him helplessly in the air. He then grabs a piece of rebar and attacks Alucard, impaling him through the chest. The Alucard that Walter attacked, however, was a decoy, created by Alucard using Luke's remains, allowing him to shapeshift and sneak up behind Walter. Luke is now believed to be dead for good.

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