Luke Seacord is the hidden but true main antagonist of the 2015 film The Loft. He is a murderer and a friend of Vincent, Chris, Marty and Phillip. He is portrayed by Wentworth Miller


Luke Seacord is a good friend of Vincent, Chris, Marty and Phillip, they share a Loft so they can cheat on their wives with other woman and have sex with them. Luke refuses several times until he meets a woman named Sarah Deakins whom Vincent would take over and have sex with.


Luke finally gets his wish and has Vincent framed for murder. Everything is completed on Luke's side after he shows his three friends terrible sex tapes of them all having sex with Vincent. He ends up having Chris drug Vincent in a scene where he would end up "killing" Sarah.


Chris confronts Luke and asks about the suicide note in which Luke tells him he thought he had the note but he ends up pulling it out and blaming everything on Vincent and that he drugged the girl and tried to have her killed. Since he can't trust no one, he pulls out a knife and threatens to kill Chris. Chris gains the upper hand and gets the knife from him, telling him its over. He told the police everything. Luke says yeah it is over. He tells Chris to say tell Ellie and the kids I'm sorry, (Meaning that he's sorry for what he's done) and would you do that for me, Chris?" Knowing what he did wrong, he ends up falling from the Loft building, killing himself. Phillip is arrested in the aftermath and faces trial for manslaughter.