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Luke baker
~ Luke

Luke Baker is a bully and a major antagonist in Degrassi: The Next Generation. As of Season 12 (2012–13), he is a junior. His dad is a very conservative Reverend, as Luke is. While he seems like a nice guy, he is very intolerant of others and bullies people constantly. He is an athlete who also plays hockey. He also makes fun of fellow player Cam, due to how much he barfs.  

In season 13, he is a senior. In the episode Unbelievable, he is arrested after sexually assaulting Zoe when she was drunk at a party. In the episode Believe, after going to court, he and Neil Martin were found guilty and are currently serving two years in prison.

In season 14, Luke is visited by Becky, who basically tells him off and berates him that he can't fix anything, no matter how sorry he is.

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