Luis is main villain of Filipino thriller film The Road (2011)
Luis medna


Luis grew up with a preacher father and abusive and cheating mother living in isolated house because struggling financially. Luis spent time for locked in the room by his mother and met his friend - a young maid named Martha is kind-heated woman who ask him to play him to outside but Luis refused it Martha bought buckets of soaps and play with bubbles until Luis's mother and accidentally killed Mathra by rage when Martha tired stopped her for beating Luis. after that Luis's father comforted his wife about identify (planing leaving for another man) before he killed her. Luis was told by his father that his mother left for another man before and his father commit suicide. Luis never the house until years later when A teenager Luis lured the sisters Lara and Joy when their car was break down in dirt road and one of the sisters - Lara become suspected Luis's behavior before he knocked down the sister by wooden stick as captives. Luis beaten and tourated the younger sister Joy with chains as Lara heard the scream from her sister in the basement and before she died as Lara apologized for not protect her from Luis before she was escaped and Luis chased her by driving car then knocks her out and wraps a plastic bag around her head and ties a belt around her neck and her hands before Lara awoke and screamed caused them into accident only Luis survived and leaving Lara behind of buring car of her death.