Luis Cali
is the ruthless yet organized son of Colombian drug lord Enrique Cali and fiercely loyal to his father. The main antagonist of the film Toy Soldiers, Luis Cali was tutored in the United States. He claims that his father sent him to "a similar school to the Regis", the Armitage School, a military academy in Pennsylvania. When his father is arrested for drug trafficking Luis Cali becomes a terrorist and takes over the Palace of Justice in Bogotá, Colombia, with a group of thirteen mercenaries, including himself, who are highly organized, trained and heavily armed. Upon learning his father has been extradited to the United States, Luis Cali kills the judge and some hostages and escapes, travelling to the United States and killing a number of Border Control officers in the process. He plans to go to the Regis High School, as he knows that the teenage son of the federal judge presiding over his father's case is present at the school, and therefore can be used as leverage in the trial. However, upon learning that Phil Donoghue has already been removed from the site as a precautionary measure by US Marshals, Cali takes the whole school hostage, knowing that the sons of many wealthy and influential men are also students there.

When Luis Cali realizes that hostage Joey is the son of a Mafia boss, he decides to release him, out of respect for Don Albert Trotta. However, Joey has disowned his criminal father and refuses to leave his dorm-mates who have become close family to him. After a brief scuffle with the terrorist trying to escort him out, Joey seizes a gun and tries to shoot his captors, but is unable to control the recoil and is killed by one of the terrorists. As Dean Parker and others arrive to take Joey's body away, Cali maintains that the death was "an accident." Albert Trotta decides to avenge his son's murder. He directs his gang members in the prison to murder Enrique Cali in retaliation. In turn, the students and US authorities realize that Luis Cali will blow up the school upon hearing news of his father's death, so they draw up an immediate rescue plan using the information given to them by Billy and his friends.

At dawn, US Special Forces covertly infiltrate the school. Dean Parker also enters the campus on the trail of the US commandos. Billy and his friends meanwhile sabotage the wired explosives, incapacitate several terrorists with surprise attacks, and remove the students and headmaster to a secret basement chamber. Cali's men are soon overwhelmed by the assault. Realizing that he is losing and that his bomb detonator is disabled, Luis Cali takes Billy Tepper at gunpoint and holds him in the headmaster's office. However, Parker breaks in and gets wounded by Luis, who is then immediately killed by a US commando.