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The Lugg Brothers were two minor villains who appeared in The Pirates of Dark Water. One was voiced by

Lugg Brothers

Earl Boen, the other by Frank Welker.



The Lugg Brothers are incredibly huge, musclebound (and dim-witted) siblings who were part of the crew of the Maelstrom. Their individual names are unknown. They assisted Konk in stealing the compass and the First Treasure of Rule from Ren on the Island of the Pale Warriors, and accompanied him to Pandawa and then Janda-Town. Throughout, their stupidity made them more of a burden to Konk than anything else. Both of them wore leather body harnesses that allowed them to carry Konk around on their backs. Mysteriously, the Lugg Brothers did not return to the Maelstrom with Konk after Janda-Town and were never seen among Bloth's crew after that.


The Lugg Brothers were extremely violent and stupid, and their constant pleas to Konk to "Let us fight!" caused Konk much grief during their flight from the Island of the Pale Warriors to Janda-Town to escape from Ren and his crew. The Lugg Brothers remained among the crew of the Maelstrom although their importance waned considerably.

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