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The day is upon us... A day that will stand proudly in the history of Crimea. Today, a weak queen falls...and a new king prevails!
~ Ludveck before going to battle.

Ludveck was the duke of Felirae who initiated a rebellion against the newly-crowned Queen Elincia during Part 2 of Radiant Dawn. He actually planned this rebellion as a "test", to see if Elincia could properly rule the country with a civil war, seeing this as a way of protecting Crimea. He had men start up smaller rebellions in certain parts of Crimea. A group led by Lucia investigated his manor in "Chapter 2-2: Tides of Intrigue". Ludveck welcomed them, but they left after finding proof of his rebellion and leaving.

Soon afterwards, Ludveck officially announced his rebellion and set his plans into motion. Geoffrey led most of the army to Felirae to suppress him, but Ludveck secretly left with most of his own army, and left behind a decoy group with false instructions at Felirae. Ludveck then sought Elincia, as she had left the capital. He was able to infiltrate the network of spies that Lucia tapped into and captured her, having her hair cut as well. In the endgame, Ludveck led his army against Fort Alpea, having correctly guessed that Elincia was staying there.

Elincia's forces were able to defeat Ludveck, at which point he surrendered. He was held in a dungeon, and Elincia confronted him to question him about Lucia's whereabouts. He then admitted his true reasons for the rebellion and told Elincia that she had failed, showing herself too weak and too hesitant with hurting her own people. His remaining soldiers had Lucia captive, and they would lynch her unless Elincia ceded the throne to Ludveck. Elincia proceeded to tell Ludveck off, because he did not really care for the country, and strength without compassion were not qualities of a ruler. Elincia stood by her decision to hold Ludveck on trial, and Ludveck proceeded to mock her about Lucia's pending execution, although this lynching was foiled by the timely arrival of the Greil Mercenaries. He was not mentioned again in the game, so it can be assumed he either remained imprisoned in the dungeon or was executed.



Yeardley is a lance general in the service of Ludveck. When the war ended, he began to distrust Elincia and he started a peasant revolt in Ohma. Brom and Nephenee immediately responded and were able to take him down.


Maraj is a magic user working for Ludveck. Upon learning that Lucia discovered a mutiny being planned, Maraj is sent along with a group of Feliraens to kill her. Lucia and her clever sword tactics were able to defeat him.


Tashoria is a swordsmaster payed by Ludveck into his service. Tashoria stands firm at the Felirae castle gate preparing to fight off Geoffrey's forces. After much difficulty, Geoffrey kills him and procceds to take control of the castle.

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