Ludmila Ferró is the main antagonist in the Disney Channel Latin American Original TV Series Violetta. She is a very talented but conceited girl, and she thinks that she is a supernova and that there is no one better than her. Her best friend is probably Naty Vidal, but she is more like a slave to Ludmila than her friend.At the start of Season 1, Ludmila was the queen of Studio 21, she was the most talented girl there and her boyfriend was Leon, who is considered the best-looking boy and the best male singer at the Studio, but then Violetta came and took her crown. Ludmila hates Violetta for several reasons, one, she's more talented than her, two, she's nicer than her, three, she's more popular than her, and finally four, Ludmila's love interest, Tomás Heredia, is in love with Violetta.

In Season 2, Ludmila's childhood friend Diego comes to the Studio. They make a plan together to make Violetta leave the Studio. Diego is going to try and make Violetta fall in love with him and then he'll break up with her and break her heart. However, the plan doesn't work as Violetta finds out and breaks up with Diego. Halfway through Season 2, Federico returns to the Studio and he and Ludmila grow closer, and eventually they fall in love with each other. Whenever Federico is close to her, Ludmila turns into a better person, a nicer, kinder one.


  • She wrote the song Destinada a Brillar.
  • She wrote the song Si Es Por Amor.
  • She wrote the song Peligrosamente Bellas.
  • She lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • She has had two love interests in the series, the first was Tomas Heredia and the second is Federico.
  • She goes to Studio On Beat (formerly Studio 21).