Lucretia decoy

Lucretia Decoy is a minor antagonist of the Disney series Mighty Ducks. She was a seductive traitor and a minion of Lord Dragaunus, only appearing in the episode A Traitor Among Us.


Lucretia first appeared on the stadium and kidnapped one of the team members (Tanya Vanderflock) of the Mighty Ducks. She then introduced herself to the rest of the team and seduced a few of the teammates. Her actual job was to locate a powerful gem inside a mountain that Dragaunus plans to utilize to create and power a giant laser machine that can destroy cities around the world for the Saurians to take over.

After the team discovers the location of the chip, Lucretia reveals her true colors by stealing the chip and letting the team drown in a water chamber, though they were saved by an arriving Tanya. With the deed done, Lucretia hands over the gem to Dragaunus, but as it turns out to be a fake as the machine exploded while the real gem was found in her pocket, as the team anticipated her betrayal. As a result, an angry Dragaunus punishes Lucretia by sending her to another dimension limbo where she can't escape. Her fate remained unknown, since she never appeared in the rest of the series.


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