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The Lucky Mallet was an oni's tool, and the miracles it caused were also a result of the oni's power. Using it recklessly would bring ruin upon oneself.

~ Issun-boushi's words of wisdom in Touhou

The Lucky Mallet (『打ち出の小槌』, Miracle Mallet) is a wish-granting magical artifact in the Touhou Project franchise that's been handed down by generations of the kobito, a race of one-inch tall people.

In Double Dealing Character it was a villainous instrument found by Seija and used by Shinmyoumaru to turn society upside-down and give the weak creatures and the lifeless tools a chance to bring down their superiors. Among its most frequently used and famous powers is size-changing.


It was originally retrieved from an evil oni (an ogre-like monster) by the kobito hero of yore, Issun-boushi, and handed down from generation to generation of the descendants of the hero. Issun-boushi originally used the mallet for nothing more than to gain a princess' favor and she, as a gesture of gratitude, used it to give the hero the heigth of a human. The hero's creed was for the mallet to never be used for selfish purposes, as it came with a price: In order to grant a wish, the mallet would retaliate by taking equal payment from the wishmaker; the greater the wish, the greater the payment. Disaster struck the kobito race when Issun-boushi's teachings were forgotten and one of his descendants used the mallet to make a palace and grant more power to the kobito race. As a result, the mallet banished them from the human world and their memory to an oni land, where their power accounted to nothing. 

During the events of Double Dealing Character, Seija Kijin, an amajonaku, came across the mallet and developed a scheme for overthrowing society. However, only the kobito could use the mallet's powers, so he made-up a story to Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, an unaware kobito, about how they were banished from the human world; saying it was all the fault of the youkai and the greater powers of Gensokyo. This fed up Shinmyoumaru's discontent and used the mallet to pursue Seija's ideals of a society where the weak could overthrow the strong and tools would revolt against theirs owners. Of course the wish came with a price, and as a result, the mallet's powers strengthened the youkai of Gensokyo, the Youkai Rebellion began.


  • The Lucky Hammer and Issun boshi's story come from a popular fairy tale in Japan; nevertheless the mallet has appeared in other stories and is said to have other effects, like making things appear out of nowhere, similar to the cornucopia, and also punishing greed. 
  • The Lucky Mallet appears alongside Reimu at the start screen of Undefined Fantastic Object.


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