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Gumball's Helmet
You'll never hit me! I'm the luckiest man alive!
~ Gumball under the control of his evil helmet.

Dark Gumball is Gumball under the control of The Lucky Helmet who is the main antagonist in The Amazing World of Gumball episode, "The Helmet". Darwin made the helmet, and believed that it would make Gumball's life lucky. Which it did, but then when says that he wants to throw it away, the other members of his family use it, then it starts to tear apart his family, so Darwin and Anias decide to take it to the dump, so it will never haunt there family again. But Gumball wanted it back, so he secretly followed them to the dump to get his helmet back.

When he gets back, Darwin and Anias start to get very unlucky, and Gumball goes on an extreme rampage,turning him into Dark Gumball. Darwin then hits back a tennis ball that Gumball was shooting from a tennis ball machine. Gumball then chases after his helmet, but then both him and his helmet fell into the crusher, leaving his brother and sister in horror. They thought that he was dead, but they saw his shirt was holding him, while he was trying to reach for his helmet. Anias then told him that his family was nothing without him, so after feeling bad for himself, he let go of his helmet, and reached for Anias's hand. When he saw that the helmet didn't go completely into the crusher, they all started throwing rocks at until it eventually fell into the crusher, killing Dark Gumball, making them all fell happy that the helmet was finally gone.


  • The popularity of the lucky helmet lead to the creation of a fan-made villain known as "Dark Gumball" and a fanfiction known as The Return.
  • The helmet is an obvious parody of The One Ring from The Lord of the Rings books and films.

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